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    Frequent Questions

    You're bound to have questions. Here you can find answers to the most common questions we get asked. If there's anything we don't cover, feel free to contact us.

In simple terms what is Air Space?

Airspace is the unused flat roof space on the top of buildings, which can be developed into apartments. Southern Territory look to purchase the rooftop ‘airspace’ development rights of buildings from local authorities, housing associations, commercial and private property owners.

Do I have the rights to sell my Air Space?

At Southern Territory we undertake all the necessary checks to ensure that you have the rights to sell your Air Space. The process is both simple and hassle free. What's more it provides the perfect opportunity to profit from space that would otherwiase never be used.

How much can I make from my Air Space?

This will be determined by the size, location and scope of your roof space. Whether it is a lump sum payment, increased ground rent or increase in freehold value, Southern Territory are perfectly posiitoned to provide a no obligation appraisal of your options.

Will it cost me anything to use Southern Territory?

The service we offer incurs no cost to yourself whatsoever. Additionally, we not only focus on the roof space, but if we proceed with the development we also enhance the existing facade of the exisitng building and the communal areas.

Is the process really that simple?

As specialists in the field, Southern Territory have made the entire process as simple as possible. They undertake all of the works, planning and applications to ensure the procedure is hassle free for you.

Why have I never heard of this?

Many people are unaware of the benefitis or the rights associated with Air Space. At Southern Territory we have established one of the leading proponents in this sector, providing public and private bodies with a greater understanding and availability of this product.

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